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Current Music:Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl
Time:06:20 pm
Current Mood:coldCold

New ElJay Slut..............................................................................................................................................



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Current Music:Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
Time:08:36 pm
Current Mood:nauseatedNauseated

Wildcat Football Won State Mother Fucker. It was a realli realli fun game. It hasn't hit me yet that that was the last LHS football game I will go to as a student @ LHS. There's gonna be a lot of those "This is the last time I//We.............................EVER!" There's gonna be a whole LOT of those. But I figure the more I say that the easier it will be to say wow I am no longer a high school student, I am going to college, and I am leaving my friends my family and everything I know behind me. Libertyville blows football way out of proportion, but I can honestly say this year, the team kicked ass. They were not cocky about it at all. They just went out and played which I have a lot of respect for. A Lot of the guys were crying after they won which made me want to cry, ok I did shed a tear or 2! The car ride was fun. Needless to say Annie Nikki Jimbo Chri Ali and Me = Good Times.

I did not want to wake up this morning. Work was meh. LoL Work is always Meh. ----I wish I worked at MAC where I could douse my face in makeup and sell a more professional brand and do makeovers all the time. Ohhhh how I wish I could be XTinas Professional Makeup Artist, that would be a dream! ----Although work was meh it went by incredibly fast today. It was Amanda and I today and we made goal, so F U Dianne, all up in our shit asking us what our goals are? Fuck off and get a hair straightener bitch.

My computer got a virus today so I flipped a shit out of my ass when I logged onto my USERNAME and none of my files were on the desktop. So I am FLIPPING out thinking that all of my art work that i saved on here is GONE! but i found it! PHEW! I realli need to get going on my project. I wish I could take art classes all day at school. ----You should be able to take whatever u want during ur senior year----

Bored as hell sitting here pretending to do my hw so I don't have to talk to my parents about: the car//my job// my friends// college// my room// how busy i am// driving my brother to school tomorrow// school// my grades// my chores// Bullshit questions.

Being a senior is exactli as i thought it would be, being lazy as fuck. That's exactli how I am. I realli don't have the patience and I never have the right mindset to actauli sit down and actuali do my hw. like math home work? Last time I checked I never wanted anything to do with math in my career. Spanx.

Today I realized that-------------

-When people have cofee//cigarette breathe it makes me want to suffocate myself to death rather than smell rotting death in their mouth.

-Nutella is the best thing ever created.  Especially Nutella and Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Ok I just creamed my pants.

- As much as I say I am going to bring up my grade in trig, lets be honest, u probrably won't u lazy ass.

- I am more like my dad than I thought I was.

- I have a serious condition where I can not accept or recognize certain situations in my life. I.E.- My cousin having a cancerous brain tumor.

- Eternity Moment smells realli realli realli realli good.

- I have not been to the Hookah Bar in quite a long time.

- I am clueless as to when it is going to hit me that I KNOW what college I am going to go to.

- I'm not as independent as I thought I was.


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Current Music:Incubus - Medium
Subject:..................Fucking Friday.................
Time:11:53 pm
Current Mood:coldCOLD as a Witches Tit!

Quick overview of the past 3 days Bitch-------------------------------------------------------------------->

Wed - School BUT earli release becuz of WILDCAT FOOTBALL ASSEMBLY U better bet ur fucking ass I was there Bitch!, I was beign sarcastic, i didn't go to that and I got out 1/2 an hour earli.  JOKE OF WEDNESDAY - Who would win in a fight? - - - Wildcat football or God? . . . . . .  . .TRICK QUESTION! Wildcat footbal IS GOD!   After school got some mons. Went to Best Buy and Bought Franz Ferdinand The Vines and the new Incubus CD, havnt gotten a change to listen to al lof Franz and the Vines, but the DVD is off the hizzle for shizzle!  Got Stoned with Cat and Jess and went to BK, went back to cats house chillaxed  and the rest of the nite was boring as hell.

Thurs - woke up went to Thanksgiving dinner @ Thalmans in Wisc. Nothing exciting happened they got a sweet place there. HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT - my Gramma really wanted bacon ontop of the turkey, so my uncle took off most of the skin from the top of the turkey * LMFAO i am cracking up in my office right now by myself remembering this LOL!* while the turkey was still in the oven. The turkey skin hit the hot coils and caught on fire, not just a little fire these flames were 4 feet tall!!!!! My whole family is liek PUT IT OUT! And it almost burned teh cieling, my dad grabbed the tongs of burning flames and threw it outside almost on 2 of the dogs! Me and my cousins were laughing, when everything was ok, of course!     Needless to say, I ate myself silly and I cleaned up the filth from 40 people for about 4 hours. so i REALLY wanted to leave by the time i was done cleaning around 9. we left @ about 9:45 and i got home @ 10:15 ish. tried calling Alex and Delfino, and no answers from either of them so i ended up spending the night at home!

TODAY - woke up and fought with my parents about letting me go to the city and NOT back to Wisc. I WON! MWAH HA HAA! So i went to the city with Danny and met up with his darling bf scotty scott. We shopped til we almost dropped. It was a Grand Old Time! When I was in the city i recived phone calls from about 5 different peopel cing if i wanted to hang out, gee CALL ME WHEN IM ACTUALI NOT DOING ANYTHING! Like WEDNESDAY NIGHT! when fucking no one answered their phone! Dont call me when im an hour away bitches! So on the way home i was Eliza AW! and delfino called me and invited me to edgars and refused to wait a half an hour for me so hes a fucking dick and sometimes i wonder y i am such a FUCKING good friend to him~!!~!~!~!~!~ so i did nada after i came home. and nick didnt call me back cos he was supposed to smoke me up.


I hope I can find a ride 4 tomorrow's Game!


I just walked by my bros room and he was sleeping and he looked so cute! AWW WILBER!


Thats all for now, this was the most boring post ever so ill spice it up with this. TRY NOT to Laugh! Heres the story and the pics follow. I ALMOST peed my pants when I saw this 4 the first time

"My sister-in law is from Oklahoma and has a slight accent. She has cats and when she lived in the south she would take them to the groomers and have what is called a Line Cut. To her a line cut is when all of the fur hanging down below the cat's tummy is taken off (because it gets matted or snarled). When she moved to Chicago with my brother, one of the cats fur got all tangled up during the move so she took it in for a line cut. She was quite surprised when she heard the price as it was twice as much as it was down south. She confirmed with the groomer that he understood what a line cut was and he said "yes, I know what a LION cut is." It seems her accent came out sounding like LION not LINE and this is how her cat was returned to her. She cried for a week...but not as much as the cat.




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Current Music:Billie Idol - White Wedding
Time:08:16 pm
Current Mood:pleasedPleased

I forgot to comment the other day that Changers rated me a "9" on my outfit on Monday. I had tears in my eyes! I felt so honored!


Today can be summed up by MEH.

I went shopping after school with Keri. and noticed a LOT of things. Jesus Christ are we different. And it made me realli realli realli realli realli realli realli realli realli realli realli happy that we are not best friends anymore. Stepping away from her and Sarah was probrably the best thing I ever did. They are so infatuated with expensive purses and clothes, and looking like the slew of fake girls wearing Abercrombie and Hollister owning 20 coach purses and dies their hair blonde every month. Im not saying that thats bad or anything and im not saying that i don't like expesnive clothes I like to look at them and marvel at the wonderous colors and shit, but it feels like they let that shit run their life, they work and they spend all of their $ on these things. They buy Von Dutch hats and bags which are not cheap by any means. They buy this expensive jewelry. They get their hair done a lot and their nails are always done.  

Shopping with Keri today made me realize how much I don't miss hanging out with them. They listen to music that all sounds the same.  They are onli attracted to guys who all look the same who are all dicks, cos they think they are hot shit. I've never been happier for not being attracted to realli realli realli attractive cocky guys in my life! It is so0o0o0o0o true the realli hot guys have the WORST personalities and they treat u like shit.

  The BIG realization was when we went into Hot Topic, which she realli didn't want to go to in the first place. I was trying stuff on in there, we were there for prolli 10 min max, and i come out of the dressing room and im looking at some stuff, and she is like "hey how much longer do u think u are going to be?" and im like ,"I dunno no more than 7 min" and shes like "ok im gonna run to lenscrafters to check on my contacts ill meet u in delias" and im like"umm ok?" and shes like "Sorry this music is creeping the fuck out of me" i was like huhhhhh?! The stores that I spent most of my time in was Delias, Wet Seal, and Hot Topic, she commented that all of those stores she never shops in.  She made a lot of comments about other people, very judgemental.

At that moment I have never been happier to be myself, EVER. I love the stores I shop at, I like that not EVERYONE wears the clothes that I wear. I like that I have my OWN style. I love that I don't shop at Abercrombie and Hollister and J Crew. I love that I don't judge people unless I know them, I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. And I LOVE that I am a Liberal person. I LOVE the music that I listen to. And I love that I can notice the differences between us.

Of course I still love her and she is still my friend. It just made me realli realli happy to see how much I have changed. Because I used to be a clone. And I applaud myself for stepping away from that mess.

LMFAO - - - IRONY - - - I just checked the scores of this online quiz I made about myself and the scores were as follows. Nikki, Katie, Alex, Keri, and Eujin . Keri got a 5 out of 10. WOW Shows how much she knows me! Nikki and Katie know more about me than someone I've known since kindergarten.


I'm realli realli excited for thanksgiving! I am so0o hyped to c Krista Becky Peter and Kipper. I'm EXCITED for the food! I am soo excited to go to the City with Danny Peter Scotty Sabs and Cat on fRiday! WOW! I AM SO EXCITED! And the state game! This weekend should be guuddd!


< - - - <3 - - - >


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Current Music:Umphrey's McGee
Subject:..................I hate my icon.................
Time:10:03 pm
Current Mood:coldCold

Fuck, I havn't written in a while. Theres too much to tell.

Fridauy - school sucks. Went to lucnh w/ Becky Michelle Peter and Aimee. Shopped with Cat Peter and Michelle, bought new shoes which I <3 more than life. Hung out with Dan Cat and DElfino. Got pist @ Dan cos hes a fucking dick. he decided to share with us how funy he is for having a Xanga and making fun of other xanga members on it, wow ur so fucking cool, wow i feel honored to hang out with someone soooo cool! What a waste of time, I hope u get ur SHIT ROCKED @ college dick. Wow hes changed and i realli don't kno y. Went to my last home football game ever, we won. We are going to state. We rushed the field and i was so paranoid about being trampeled again, YES again. After the game baker square and then hung out at delfinos.

Sat- slept realli late, picked up canned food with jess, canned food dance. DANCED. Went to Sarah's Party which was soo much fucking fun. Keri and Sarah both insisted that i don't pay for drinks, which was fuckin sweet. Jungle Juice. That's all i ahve to say Jungle Juice. YUM. Prolly the best drunk I've ever had, it was perfect. I never felt sick. Mostly seniors @ the party. And it felt like for the first time our grade realli meshed well together. I talked to a lot of people who i havn't talked to in about 4 years. or have NEVER talked to. Including Peter K, WOW! That kid honestly is the shit. There was A REALLI REALLI hot guy and a bunch of other kids in the guest bedroom talking I walked in to have a cig and they asked me if I wanted to ride the train. and i was like ermmmm no? the one guy said his name was LHS, I was realli confused. But stunned by his BEAUTY! Wow, LHS u were hot! 5 min after we left the cops came. Cat got REALLI sick. We slept @ Robe's house and i need a neck brace because the pillow I slept on was like a savage stone.

Sun - worked, went home and went to be @ 7:30. Woke up @ 10:30 and tried to study for trig but found myself frustrated in tears 1/2 way thru it and went back to bed. I am the shit at quitting and giving up. I remember my sophomore year trying soooo hard on EVERYTHING and if i didn;t understand something which was RARE  I studied until I understood it, I used to be so smart, and I tried so hard I just burned myself out, cos I don't give 2 shits anymore.


Got in a KILLER fight w/ my mom today she made a comment about my weight and of course I flipped out. Thats the one thing that I NEVER can realli talk about comftorably, It;s not even that I realli care now so much it's just something that just SUX and because of her I am scarred for life, my mind is realli sick and distrubirng whne it comes to weight and shit. I hate it. I hate how I think about certain things, I know it's not right.  Since my mom made such a dumbass comment she felt the need to buy me clothes, which i tell her NOT to buy me clothes cos she always buys stuff that i woulddare not even take the time to pick up adn look at in a store. She gets pist that I don;t say thank u to her for buying the shit for me and I tell her that i tell her not to buy me clothes anymore. I can be such a bitch sometimes, but i do buy everything I practically own, but SHE KNOWS not to buy clothes for me because i will NEVER wear them.


My icon fucking sux and I need to make a new one right now before I blow.


I hope to shop away all my worries tomorrow.


Oh P.S. I got into Illinois State University today.........the school I am going  to go to............Hooray? *waves itty bitty ISU flag*

- - - - - - - - - - Go Redbirds *says in monotone voice* - - - - - - - - - -

why am i not that excited? WTF is wrong with me?


< - - - <3 - - - >



P.S.S. - The Incubus DVD comes out tomorrow and I think I might cry.

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Current Music:Nirvana - Lithium
Subject:..................I'm So ugly, that's Okay, so are you...............
Time:02:42 pm
Current Mood:sickSick

Just got back from field trip to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, It was Meh. The school is soo fucking small, just over 600 peeps, thats like my hs graduating class.! =o0 The facilities were realli nice tho.

Made me wish i was going to Columbia even more. I <3 fashion, I <3 Music, I <3 Photo, God Damnit I just love art!!!!!!!!!

Oh BTW my alarm didn't go off this morning, so that was a cute one running out the door. Turns out the bus didn't come til 20 minutes after I came.

= - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - =

Not to sound like a spoiled bitch, but....Here's a draft for what I am hoping to get for X-Mas (not all these items but these are just things that I realli want!)

A Pink I-Pod

A LapTop - NOT A MAC

Incubus // Brandon Posters, PREFERABLY signed *cries*

Green Converse

New Makeup

Eternity Moment

A Cool new chair 4 my room

Cute scarfs

Black point heels

Shirts from Urban Outfitters

A Digital Camera 4 myself

A Nose piercing

Celtic Jewelry

Mean Girls DVD

Pink Sheets and Pillows

Gift Certificate to Best Buy

RANDOM - one of those electronic drum sets- wow I would adore to learn how to play the drums

DavE Chapelle DVD

Incubus DVD

= - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - = = - =

I couldn't sleep last night and a commercial came on for the Polar Express w/ XTina singing an Xmas song, and I started crying. Her voice is so beautiful, oh X-Tina when is your new CD going to come out?! And When r u going to go on tour?!?! I hope this XMas is the shit, it's my last X-Mas in entirety whne I am going to be home helping set up decorations and full on XMas, I hope it's a good one.

My dad proposed the other day that I stay home for most of the night on New Years, which is absolute BULLSHIT. Even my mom was like NO WAY U are going out! It's ur senior yeear. I was like woa Kath, where did u pull this stunt?! This New Years better be good too. And I have to start planning for Spring Break.

God Damnit I havn't hung outw ith Delfino/Billy/Dan/Ashley in so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo long. I miss them.

< - - - <3 - - - >


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Current Music:Nirvana - Come As You Are
Subject:.............A Little Bit FeD ^...................
Time:08:39 pm
Current Mood:crappyCrappy

I'm just a lil fed up with this god damn country. Evolution is a bitch. How did we let ourselves get like this? Why is everyone out for themselves, and themselves only? How fucking selfish can we be? AND HOW CAN WE LET AN IDIOT FOOL US INTO GOING INTO THIS FUCKING WAR. I remember in 8th grade Mrs. Katz telling us that our entire 8th grade year of lit was based around the idea of baby steps, that is how everything happened. And it is soo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o FUCKING TRUE! Everything happens gradually.

This is what I am fed up with.........................

I am sick of hearing about the Middle East, ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

I am sick of being sheltered from everything, I want to learn and know about EVERYTHING.

I am SICK of Ignorant people. Denying someone their human right to marriage. Sickens me how much effort and time people put into HATING a certain profile of people.

I an sick of High School, I am bored, I need a challenge, I have lost all interest in ALL of my classes.

I am also sick of every single persom asking and talking to me about college, yes i am going i don't know where yet. I can't wait for everything to be over.

I am sick of figuring out what I want to do with my life. Because it will never be good enough. I will never make enough money.

I am sick of rich people. Y is it that money is your gateway to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It's realli sick. "It makes the world go round". Y is it that someone who may not be all that smart or all that talented can go to an amazing college and get an incredible education, have a fabulous reputation, and get a job that pays over $2 million a year....and someone who may have all the ideas in the world, a cure for cancer, a brilliant song idea, or I don't even know, but because they may not be able to afford college, they don't even get a fucking chance to go to college. They might not even have computers or updated books at their school. GOD it makes me sick. How can we be so IGNORANT and not help others?

I am sick of being alone. Why does no one understand me. Y does everyone have a bf? WTF is wrong with me?

I can not stand this town. Everyone is the same. IT feels like Edward Scissor Handsville.

I am sick of the US fighting other peoples wars. We have a massive amount of issues that we need to take care of at home.

I am sick of having the most bland shitty food at my house.

I am sick of my clothes.

I am sick of me.

I am sick of certain genres of music which lack creativity. They pump out the same shit, overplay it and then remake it.

I am sick of people not being themselves.

I am sick of parents.

I am sick of grandparents.

I am sick of this computer.

I am sick of filling up my gas tank and it costing $60.

I am sick of my skin being so dry.

I am sick of it getting dark @ 5 PM.

I am sick of waking up @ 630 in the morning for school.

I am sick of going thru the motions.

I am sick of nothing exciting happening.

I am sick of being bored.

I am SICK and FED UP with my cell phone.

I am sick of not having $.

I am sick of routines.

I am sick of being told what to do.

I am sick of regrets.

I am sick of wanting things that I can't and won't have.

I am sick of this world.

I am sick of this house.

I am sick of my pain.

I am sick of my mind.

I am sick of not being good enough for you.

I am sick of not being good enough for me.

I am sick of god damn cheerleaders.

I am sick of wondering.

I am sick of religions.

I am sick of trying.

I am sick of being depressed.

I am sick of trying and trying and trying to remember what it was like to be happy and carefree.

I am sick of sitting here.

I am sick of this.


I wish I was born 30 years earlier. I would do so many drugs, listen to the best music, I would not shower for long periods of time, I would hug trees, I would move to Oregon, I would protest against war, I would burn my bras, I would be the best damn hippie ever. (LoL)


SometimesI just want to give up, I think that's why adore sleep so much. Just lock myself in my room away from the outside world and dream.

It's like I'm dead but only for a while.



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Current Music:Incubus - 11AM
Time:10:30 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed

My Dear,

               Never underestimate the unbelieveable power of    S   l   e   e   p.    It does wonders for the body the mind and the soul.


 . . : : A good nap always does a body good. : : . .






------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Hope It's You -----------------------------------------------------------------

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Current Music:Incubus - AntiGravity (acoustic)
Time:06:40 pm
Current Mood:contentContent

Damn B, I can't believe this weekend is over.

Friday I saw Incubus. And my god I love them more than I did before I went, which I honestly didn't think was possible!.......... Cat and I WANTED to leave @ about 3 but Heather and Delfino thought that was TOO earli, (cat and i both knowing that it being FRIDAY and around 5 the traffic was gonna be bad), we ended up leaving a little after 4. And waht do you know, the traffic WAS bad! Sat in the car for 3 and a half hours, stopped for subway(barf), pissed, and got gas, smoked a bowl, and got lost for 5 minutes. And made it to the Venue at 7:30, the concert STARTED @ 7:30, and surprisingly The Music started at 7:30, usualli they are a bit late, but thats ok they were Ok. Obviousli i was there to c Incubus. We walk into the venue and start looking for beer stands to buy drinks from, and as soon as i spun around looking for a place it occured to me that we were on a Campus. = no alchie. We asked a guy and he was like yah no drinks sorry! So Heather was REALLI pist about that, I wasnt too pissed tho cos i wanted to remember the concert, but thank god I smoked on the way there cos wow it sounded so good! So yah the Music was ok. We were scoping out the place 2 c at all if we could get on the floor, but u needed wrist bands and they were checking them, and our seats wernt all that bad, we could c the stage realli well and seeing the crowd was cool too. We sat in our seats and saw these 2 cute guys (about 25) sitting behind us with wrist bands on, so Heather and I ask them y the hell they rnt on the floor. And they said that their wrist bands were from a meet n greet and they were partying with the band afterwards at the Venue and were like o0o0o0o KOOLNESS!----so the lights dim, and I am going NUTS, I am just waiting for them to come onstage. I am shaking I am so excited I see Brandon walk from behind a curtain and I loose it.---- Songs they played are as follows -

Halo Theme     //     Pistola - I was realli happy they opened with that! I HEART that song     //     Nice to Know You     //     Idiot Box <3     //     Wish You Were Here =o) -Funny story, Dan called me right in the middle of that song so I let him listen to that for a few min     //     JUST A PHASE - Holy shit WOW!     //     STeLLaR *CRIES CRIES CRIES SOME MORE *     //     Police Cover - Doodoodoodoodedadada     //     MAke Yourself     //     <3 Here in my Room<3     //     DrIVE ReMiX BITCHES - WOW!     //     BUMP N GRIND YES ILL BUMP AND GRIND WITH BRANDON ANY FUCKIN DAY!     //     Priceless     //     Vitamin =o)     //     PERCUSSION SEGMENT - which gave me the chills and made me cry wow Jose I HEART u! after Joses part Ben went up and hugged Jose AW     //     Everything in Ebb     //     Talkshows on Mute =o)     //     AntiGravity Love Song (um i heard the beginning of it and I SCREAMED this is one of my FAV songs by them which they NEVERRRR play live and holy shit It made my life, it seriousli made my fucking LIFE!)     //     Sick Sad Little World w/ a Jam session which rocked my socks     //     Megalomaniac - was AMAZING soo much energy!        They bowed and we all refused to leave without at least one more song       ...    I told everyone if they play Pardon Me or The Warmth I will cream. so they came back and they played *holds hand over mouth, takes a deep breath, tears stream down face* The WARMTH!!!!! Everyone went nuts once again they RARELY play this song OMG SUCH A FUCKING GOOD SONG!      //     and ended with Under My Umbrella

Inbetween songs Brandon and Mikey would sing, "Americaaaaa,...Fuck Yeah!" and I cried. Wow. They had so much energy and they rocked the house. Looking down on the crowd and seeing them mosh and go crazy made me jealous. I was the onli one dancing in the standing seats. But thats ok cos I Love Incubus and they were fucking sick. SICK! I am so sad that it is over but wow prolly the best concert of my life, cos they played AntiGravity and The Warmth *tears* . . . So after the concert we see the guys who are going to part with Incubus and were like oh hey where r u going now???  and they are like oh the party u guys should tryto go, ur cute ull get in. and were like MEH we dunno?! so the guys walk over to this stairway where they are going to be escorted into this room. And all these NASTY ASS groupies are over there and we get all nervous that we wont be let in, so we leave, hit up taco bell and head home. BEST CONCERT EVER!


Sat - can be summed up in a few words ... Canned Food Drive, dropped off bags, showered, went out with Danielle and Cat, SMOKED, ate so0o much food @ Ruby Tuesdays, went home and I don't know what i did, went out with Sarah and Aimee, Football Game, Bonfire @ Mi Casa, Sleep.


Sun - work 11-6  hw now til ????????????????????????


I want to change my Eljay name and my sn cos i don't like this one, I'm thinking a Certain_Shade_of_Pink  ???????????????????????



                < - - - <3 - - - >


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Current Music:Incubus - Pantomime
Subject:.......................Bursting at the seams......................
Time:12:20 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited

Oh Gah! I am bubbling over with excitement! I am seeing Incubus Today!!! Holy Fucking Shit! I am so Mother Fucking Excited!

I  havnt written in a few days but here's the low down on wed & thurs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Wed - after a day of ADHD times 9382138 at school Aimee Mike Callie and I went out to Nana's Pizza for Lunch (it was tasty), then Cat picked me up and went back to her casa. Chris and Sophie came over, we blazed, god damnit i was so messed up but I laughed so hard I could barely breathe, the laughing lasted for about 1 hour and then I got into my  < < uLtRa SiLeNt > > Moods, I said 3 words in about 3 hours. It was also Nicks b day thay day so Aimee and Sarah got a hotel room in VH for his b day, so Andy picks up Cat and I and we go there. We get a lil crunk and wait around for like 2h ours for Nick to come with more stuff, and this whole time everytiem we go down stairs the receptionsit is telling us that people are complaining that we are too loud, and there are about 10 us of in the room currently and we wernt even being that loud, by the time Nick gets there we get kicked out and still have to pay for the room, which sux. So we go back by Dana and Nicks neighborhood and chill by the docks, drink and smoke and just hang out. It was a realli realli fun night. It felt realli good to get away from the same group and hang out with some new people.

thurs - woke up earli and visited ISU again, saw the freshman dorms - MEH they were ok public restrooms gross me out but i kno ill have to get used to it. The art lifestyle was pretty cool. The art department is cool too. I kno ill end up going there. Came home and went to laurens house for an OC party with Andy Kathleen Jessica Tim and Changers. watched bits and pieces of a CREEPY 70s movie~!~! And MEAN GIRLS! I forgot how much i heart that movie! We talked politics and then i went home. I am so tired but my god am I excited for Incubus!


Peace and Love

                      < - - - <3 - - - >


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